Why Use TestMyDesign

Easy Multivariate Testing

Unlike split tests that are limited to 2-3 items, we can test 15 variations. Why? Because respondents choose the best and worst item.

Consider 5 flavors of ice cream: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint, Coffee, Raspberry. If somebody chooses the best and worst flavor (e.g., mint and coffee), we can deduce more relationships:

  • Mint > Vanilla
  • Mint > Chocolate
  • Mint > Raspberry
  • Mint > Coffee
  • Coffee < Vanilla
  • Coffee < Chocolate
  • Coffee < Raspberry

Small Sample? No problem

Split tests require thousands of participants, but we can simulate the results of a live test using a few hundred people. Sometimes a few dozen.

Better Than Rating Scales

Rating scales are problematic because respondents straightline answers. Plus, everyone interprets a scale differently. Is a 3 good or bad?

In our surveys, respondents choose items. This method uncovers their true preferences, while mimicking real-world decision making.

Get Niche Respondents, Fast

Filter by age, location, demographics, and key traits that identify your customers or audience.

Tech-Free, No Code Setup

You don’t need a developer or tech skills. Simply add variations, choose a sample, and view the results in 48 hours.

Step 1

Test My