How to Use TestMyDesign

Pick the Right Content

We simulate how content—YouTube videos, Udemy courses, blog posts—would perform live. Find a winning title and thumbnail before you spend time creating this content. Avoid content flops.

Design a Killer Brand

Find the best name, logo, slogan, colors, and every aspect of your brand.

Write Persuasive Copy

Launch with the best headline, sales campaign, tweet, or any snippet of writing.

Prioritize New Features

Should you write documentation or hire support staff? Find which format your customers want.

Simplify Usability Testing

Instead of wrangling the technical backend, ask respondents to choose their preferred interface.

Cheaper Ad Testing

Got 10 ads? Split testing will cost $3,000:

10 ads * 300 clicks * $1 per click = $3,000

It's faster and cheaper to use TestMyDesign:

1 test * 50 responses * $2.00 / respondent = $100

You could add the top 2–3 winners in a live test. Or launch the top design with more confidence.

Step 1

Test My